The Community Quilt

Thanks to a generous donation from Mosaic Realty, Community High School students, staff, and members of BCS district leadership enjoyed a delicious holiday luncheon at the Biltmore Stable Cafe on Thursday, December 15th. During the luncheon, CHS students and teachers unveiled the “Community Quilt”, a school-wide creative project led by the CHS ELA department and the Experiential Learning Team. To create the quilt, students and staff crafted patchwork squares out of index cards responding to the question: “How would you want to represent you and what you want to bring to your community?” and “What would you draw to showcase what change you’d like to be and see?” Luncheon attendees also enjoyed a re-reading of last year’s school-wide project Community Poem: I Dream A World, a poem co-written by CHS students and staff which centers around the themes of community contribution and positive change.

Many thanks to Mosaic for providing such a wonderful experience for our students, and to our ELA and ELT team members for coordinating the beautiful Community Quilt!