School Improvement Team



At Community High School we provide students with equitable opportunities to find their purpose and grow to their full potential in a safe and caring learning environment supported by staff, parents, families, and the community.


Our students will become successful, responsible citizens in an ever-changing global society.


  • CHS will provide a welcoming and safe environment for students, parents, staff, and community members of all racial and ethnic groups.

  • CHS will recognize and celebrate the cultural diversity of our student body and community.

  • CHS will provide a challenging, rigorous, and developmentally appropriate curriculum, which addresses individual student needs, is focused on academic growth, and is based on best practice and current research. 

  • CHS will monitor student learning and growth through continuing assessments, which allow students multiple ways of demonstrating mastery. We will use assessment information not only to monitor student growth but also to guide our instruction.

  • CHS will be responsible for the success and well being of every student.

  • CHS will collaborate and support each other in developing instructional strategies ensuring effective interventions and designing methods of assessment while advancing the mission and vision of the school.

  • CHS will model life-long learning by taking advantage of professional development opportunities. We will continually evaluate the results of our collective and individual efforts and use that evidence to guide our ongoing personal and professional development.

  • CHS will communicate with parents and the community on issues affecting the education of their students. We will encourage the parents to understand that education is an active partnership between the school and its community. 

  • Through our own actions, the faculty and staff of CHS will model kindness, understanding, integrity, and respect for our students. We will strive to instill these qualities in our students.


Students and communities thrive by prioritizing the social emotional and academic needs of all students with an equity mindset. We will meet the needs of the whole child by engaging in the work of a Multi-Tiered System of Support.