FACS teacher Mrs. Holt and CHS student

Hosting an eggstravagant baby shower with delicious food and helpful parenting tips, students in Family and Consumer Sciences teacher Mrs. Susan Holt’s Child Development class welcomed the newest additions to the CHS family: hard-boiled eggs they will be caring for as infants over the next few weeks. Freshman Kendall Rice reported, “I love Mrs. Holt’s Child Development class. I am excited about my baby, but I’m a little scared I’m going to drop it.” Senior Shelby Wood shared that her baby, Loretta, was born on March 20th, the first day of Spring. 9th grader Lyric Greene will be taking care of twins. When asked how she plans to approach this special challenge, Lyric responded, “Well, we’re just going to see how it turns out.” 

Ms. Holt is confident in her students’ abilities. “This has been a great class. Students have been eager to begin taking care of their little ones. I want our students to be prepared for parenting when the right time comes and they’ll be ready for the challenges they’ll face.”

Congratulations, Child Development students, on your bundles of joy and good luck on your caregiving adventures!