Tideman, Kathi

Ms Tideman

            Although 2017 was my first year teaching at Community High School, I am a 23 year teaching veteran.  I grew up in Minnesota and Philippi, WV where I graduated from Alderson-Broaddus College with a BA in History.  For 10 years I took a break and stayed home to raise my two young children in Elmira, NY. In 1991 I went to graduate school and completed my Masters in Special Education from Mansfield University in Mansfield, PA. Over the course of my career I have taught special education in NY, VA, MD, WA, and since 2011, NC.

            In my spare time I enjoy reading, creating artwork, hiking, gardening, and, most importantly, spending quality time with my 2 adult children and 4 grandchildren, as well as my 2 dogs, Rufous and Amora.

            I have always believed that ALL students have the capacity to learn and become a productive member of society, at whatever level of independence they are able to reach.  Each of us is so unique in our strengths and life experiences that we all have wonderful things to contribute to this world. It is my pleasure and honor to help young people find their way to meeting their goals.