PASS Program

Buncombe County Schools has partnered with A Caring Alternative, Inc. to offer the Program for Academic and Social Success, a.k.a. 'The PASS Program'.  As expressed in the original mission statement for the program: The PASS Program at Community High School, in conjunction with parent/guardian involvement and support, will assist our consumers in developing necessary behavior management skills so that they may develop self-discipline, social skills and academic skills.  PASS Program teachers, staff and support personnel will utilize relevant, kind and least-restrictive interventions to assist our clients and their families in achieving their individual goals and personal growth.

And to quote from the introduction letter addressed to parents and students, “Our goal within the program is to provide the supports needed to realize aspirations and achievements necessary to lead a healthy and fulfilling life.  Some of our most important core values are being strength and solution focused, giving and receiving direct and honest feedback and working together to create a positive and therapeutic learning environment.”

PASS Program Rules and Expectations

1. Adhere to all Buncombe County School rules and policies.

2. Enter PASS classroom as soon as you arrive at Community High School.  Students are not allowed in
     Community High School without PASS Staff present.

3. Respect yourself and others.

4. Ask permission.

5. Communicate effectively.

6. Accept responsibility.

7. Respect school property and the property of other students and staff.

8. Participate!

9. Food, gum, candy, outside beverages are not permitted in class unless provided by staff or unless
     special permission is given.

10. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

11. The following items are not permitted in the PASS Program classrooms:

      ·  backpacks

      ·  binders

      ·  video games

      ·  hip bags

      ·  hats, bandannas, doo rags, hoodies pulled up to cover your head and/or face

      ·  purses

      ·  blankets, pillows, etc.

      ·  clothing with holes, rips or tears

      ·  clothing with inappropriate content (i.e.: If it’s an illegal or inappropriate activity or substance for
          someone under the age of 21, then DO NOT wear anything that advertises or promotes that
          activity or item.  Sexually explicit graphics or illustrations are not permitted.)

      ·  tank tops or shirts with spaghetti straps  Straps must be at least as wide as a regular-sized credit

      ·  short shorts or short skirts/dresses  Apply to fingertip rule: hems must be at least as long as your
          extended fingertips with your arms fully dropped to your sides.

      ·  tops that do not fully cover chest and stomach.  

Check the dress code regulations or ask one of the teachers or staff if you have any questions.

Note: All cell phones, IPods, MP-3 players, headphones, other electronics, etc. are expected to be turned in to a PASS staff member at the beginning of the school day.  These will be securely stored and returned to students at the end of the day.

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions, comments or concerns.  PASS Program teachers and staff can be reached by calling (828) 686-7734 x. 5190 or x. 5191.

* Eric Carpenter, PASS ACA Therapeutic Staff Lead

* Laurel Ensign-Simmons, PASS ACA Therapeutic Staff

* Clarrisa Adams, PASS ACA Staff Therapist

* Katie Goebel, Language Arts Teacher   [email protected]

* Susan Morris, PASS EC/Social Studies/Science Teacher   [email protected]

Additionally, you may reach Shanon Martin, Behavioral Health Liaison for Buncombe County Schools at (828) 776-1505 or by email at [email protected].