PASS Code of Conduct

PASS Code of Conduct (COC)
I. Code of Relationships


o   I can work well with others.

o   I can support and encourage my peers.

o   I can communicate my thoughts and feelings with confidence.


o   I can honor the feelings and attitudes of my peers.

o   I am impeccable with my word.

o   I have discussions, not arguments.

Compassion and Gratitude

o   I can show empathy.

o   I can celebrate the success of others.

o   I am thankful and appreciative.

II. Code of Performance


o   I can rise and meet challenges no matter how difficult.

o   I demonstrate traits of resiliency.

o   I accept both success and failure with dignity.


o   I can accept the consequences of my choices.

o   I am accountable for my choices alone and no one else’s.

o   I demonstrate humility when I am wrong.

Effort of Mind and Body

o   I am willing to try things that are difficult and intimidating.

o   I show determination to finish what I started.

o   I demonstrate that I deserve respect by showing self-respect.

o   I understand and appreciate the messages I send with my appearance (clothing,

make-up, hair, body language, etc.)

III. Code of Character


o   I make choices that are helpful to me.

o   I can follow expectations.

o   I can make thoughtful decisions.


o   I do the right thing, even when no one is watching.

o   I am honest and have earned the trust of others.

o   I have a moral code and treat others with compassion and fairness.

Curiosity and Courage

o   I am interested in others and in the world around me.

o   I show my bravery through kindness, honor, and supporting others through their struggles.

o   I uphold honesty and justice, stand up for others, and voice my feelings with respect.