Morgan, Laura

Hello My Name Is...

Laura Morgan Ms. Morgan

My name is Laura Morgan and I’m the Distance Learning Coordinator for Community High School. Any student from our school taking classes online for any reason will be enrolled through me, and may end up in my classroom to do their work. I have many different kinds of students: hybrid students who work completely or partially from home, full time students who are in my room one or two class periods every day, and students who are in other teacher’s rooms to do their online classes. Online classes are an option for when traditional classes may not work or fit for a student.


For example, students may be interested in specialized courses we don’t offer on our campus, like Mandarin Chinese. Complete standard courses with other online students and an online teacher are offered and may be taken through the NCVPS or North Carolina Virtual Public Schools. These courses may be worked on at home or during a normal class period in my room. 


For students who wish to get a jump on college credit, some classes offered online through the local community college can be arranged to be taken online in Ms. Morgan’s room as well. 


For students who have taken a class before and struggled to complete the requirements for passing, they may be enrolled in our “Course Recovery” programs, which are abbreviated pass/fail online classes designed to help students ‘recover’ course credit.


Outside of work I am an enthusiastic bibliophile, voracious polyglot, and avid ballroom dancer… and I also love obscure words! I speak English, Japanese, French, am learning Spanish, and I run the International Culture Club that happens during club time on Fridays. I am a lover of Science Fiction, Mystery, and Modern Fantasy books, and loves to go to various dance events around town including Contra, Waltz, and Blues. I am also a great lover of art and adore it when students leave me doodles, paintings, and poems that I can paper her hallway with. You are welcome to come meet me, ask me questions, or leave me art even if you don’t take classes online!