Virtual Learning Days

During the Virtual days (Currently from August 31 until Sept 28) students will be expected to join 30 minute live classes for each of their 3 periods, as well as accomplish work on their own afterwords.  There will be office hours available in the afternoon for students to work one on one with teachers.

The schedule as it currently stands:
10:00-10:30: 1st period live class
11:00-11:30: 2nd period live class
12:30-1/1:15ish: 3rd period live class
1:00 -3:00: Office hours

Office hours can be reserved in advance, and I will post if I am booked up already. If not, it will be first come first served.  If you and another student want to work on the same assignment, you can book office hours as a group.

If you cannot make it to a live class during a day, you will be counted absent unless you do one of the following:
1. Complete the warm up for that day within 5 days
2. If you have a reason that you are totally incapable of attending live classes, let me know, and we can try and work out a solution.