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Jenna Marshman

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What is Distance Learning?

Buncombe County Schools offers a variety of courses that are taught in partnership with other educational institutions.  These courses help our students personalize and enhance their educational pathways by adding a diverse selection of regular or advanced credits in all disciplines as well as many elective credits that can support student learning interests far beyond what is offered in a standard classroom setting.  Many of these opportunities take place in a computer lab during the school day, using purely online instruction, but there are also opportunities for students to complete courses in a hybrid environment (with a face to face instructor) or beyond the regular school day (through summer school and extra periods).
Buncombe County School Distance Learning
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Mrs. Jenna Marshman


Mrs. Marshman grew up in Atlanta, GA and attended Milton High School in Alpharetta, GA.  She moved to Asheville, NC in 2003 to attend Warren Wilson College (WWC). In 2005 she took a little break from WWC, and attended AB-Tech Community College to study Botany.  When she returned to WWC, Mrs. Marshman completed her Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Science, with a concentration in Sustainable Agriculture (December 2007).  


In 2013, Mrs. Marshman earned a Masters of Science in Agriculture Education from North Carolina Agricultural & Technical University. She has had many interesting jobs including growing tobacco for the NC state government, teaching high school agriculture classes, horseback riding instructor, and implementing the Sustainable Dining Policy at Warren Wilson College.

In her spare time, Mrs. Marshman loves to hang out with her husband, daughter, and pets. She has a lab (Franklin), a border collie (Buddy), a horse (Kennedy), and two chickens (Annelle & Flossie).  Her other hobbies include gardening, knitting, hiking, sewing, and cooking/baking.