Virtual learning days (1)

Hello CHS student and families.  Hope you all are safe and well.  

We are returning to school at CHS under plan B, which means that learning will be primarily virtual for at least six weeks .   

Classes will be held with a modified schedule for the first two weeks, but if you feel safer staying home and learning virtually you are free to do so. Just call the school and let us know; we are happy to accommodate  you.   

If you are at home or at school for the first two weeks we will concentrate mainly on getting you online, and helping you navigate the virtual class room. 

After two weeks when we will all be online.  Three live half hour classes will be held daily starting at 10:00 with a half hour lunch break.  I will provide links to a zoom meeting in the stream of you google classroom for these live classes.  

I will be available in the afternoon to help you with any question you have.  
I will respond to email at as soon as I can. 

These are challenging times, but your education is important to us.  Let us know how we can help you.  Stay safe and be well.