Education Links

If you need any help accessing student accounts or, if you would like a demonstration on any of the sites listed below, please feel free to contact me !

Note Taking Systems

This is a quick run-down and explanation of the note taking systems the students in Academic Support classes will be learning to use.  This comes directly from California Polytechnic University's Academic Skills Center.

We use every week in all of my classes.  The students have the opportunity to practice a list of words created by myself, or they can practice words created according to their assessed level.

CNN Student News

CNN Student News has daily 10 minute news clips specifically catered to students.  All students in the Academic Support class watch the daily clips to keep abreast of current events both nationally and internationally.  Our class using these clips in our lessons on building strong note taking skills, listening skills, vocabulary skills, and test taking strategies.  They apply these lessons on Fridays when taking the weekly Student News quiz.  


For remediation in any subject area, students have access to MobyMax.  We primarily use MobyMax for Math, but students can access it for any subject they feel they need additional support and/or remediation.  

Kahn Academy

Kahn Academy is an educational site designed to provide instructional lessons in numerous content areas.  Watch short video clips to learn concepts.