Craig, David

Mr Craig
David Craig is the School Counselor for Community High School.  He began at CHS August 2011 and has been happy to be a part of the community since!  He has worked as a wilderness guide, science teacher, social studies teacher, math teacher, wilderness rescue EMT, lifeguard, carpenter's helper, and school counselor.  He loves to read, play, fish, be with his family, canoe, hike, and fix things. 
As a school counselor, his job is to help students be successful in those areas they would like help with.  To that end he helps with schedules, transcripts, referring to mental health agencies, scholarship searches, figuring out homework, provides counseling, develops lessons for school-wide advisory groups, mediations, and generally tries to keep up with what all of our students are interested in.  Please contact his office for help in any of those areas, 686-8201.