Virtual Learning Days

Ms Brawley's Virtual Class Times
1st Block - American 1: 10am
2nd Block - American 1: 11am
3rd Block - American 2: 12:30pm
Email is always open at [email protected]

My students have been added to my private Google Classroom pages through which all of their assignments will be linked. Most assignments during our Virtual Learning Days will be Google Doc worksheets, Newsela reading articles, Edpuzzle video quizzes, Peardeck interactive presentations, and Quizlet vocabulary review. Additional types of activities could also be linked based on the material we are learning in each outcome. 

Students also have the option of earning HP credit in each outcome by watching a movie or TV, reading a book or manga, or playing a video game related to that outcome and writing a 1 page review. This review should answer the following questions: 
1. What time period does this media depict? What does this media teach you about the time period? 
2. Was this media historically accurate? Does it get big things around about the event or time period? Or does it take dramatic license and change things up a little bit to make a better program? 
3. Overall, was the media a good/enjoyable show? Is it something students would enjoy and learn from? Should I use it in class?