Helpful History Hints

US Helpful Tricks

The following list contains various ways to remember aspects of US History.  These should be viewed as your blind “have to know” knowledge.  You will learn the whys and hows throughout the course for each aspect.

Early Administration-  GAPS

Government Established

America tries to stay out of other wars

Political Parties develop

Strong Central government


Causes of War of 1812  WILS

War Hawks


Land Greed

Seizing Ships


Jackson- America’s SON

Spoils system

Opposed National Bank



Key issues of Sectionalism TINS


Internal Improvements

National Bank

Slavery in West


Gilded Age Formulas

    Large corps     monopolies and trusts

    Business revenue      laissez faire capitalism

    Working conditions        labor movement


Causes of Spanish American War  YUCS

Yellow Press

US desire for M&Ms (markets & materials)

Cuban Revolution

Sinking of the Maine


Causes of WWI  MAIN






Underlying causes of Great Depression BOSS

Bad banking policies

Overproduction/ underconsumption

Stagnant wages

Stock speculation


Elements of the COLD WAR

Curtain made of Iron

Offer Truman Doc to resist Communism

Last one to space loses

Domino Theory drives intervention

We help rebuild Europe

Arms race

Rivalry b/w US and Soviet Union


Feminism was about the FEMALE

Freidan wrote about it

ERA never passed

More women get Title IX help

Affirmative action helps women

Legal right to abortion (Roe v Wade)

Establish NOW