Education Links

Quizlet Vocabulary is a vocabulary activity website. I have posted the vocabulary for both American and US History on this site. Use this website to play games and test your vocabulary skills.

Newsela Reading Program

Newsela is a reading program that we use at Community High School. For each unit I will email students articles that relate to what we are studying in class. Each student has an individual log-on, that is connected through a students IAM account and Clever. 

An Interactive Site teaching about Art History

This site lets you explore a classic painting and painter. Once you learn how to investigate this painting, these ideas can be applied to other pieces of art to help you better understand how art is integrated with history.


This website contains a list of fun economic games. For extra practice on economics and personal finance check out the Gazillionaire game. There are free trial versions of the game that you can download and play. These are great games for a rainy afternoon; you won't know that you are learning!

Guidelines for Evaluating Websites

This is a link to a form to fill out for evaluating websites. Use it to earn extra credit by evaluating websites posted on my website and to on your own for any research you conduct.

Whizz Quizz

Test your knowledge of random world history. This online history quiz provides you a way to test what you know and learn more about the subjects in history that teachers don't always have time to cover.