Level Progression

At PASS we work on a level system.  Every student that comes into the program is a level one.  Every day, they have the opportunity to earn 20 points.  They rate themselves every block on how they did with:
1. Respectful relations
2. Communicate appropriately
3. Stays on task
4. Daily goal
5. Impulse Control
We go over their self evaluations with them and rate accordingly.  When enough points have been earned, they move up one level.  They also have to write a reflection paper about level progression and what it means to them.  The whole process is very self reflective.  We have 4 levels total.  Once you are a level 4, you can graduate from the program.  Also, each level has its own perks.  Level 4 can go to the library without a staff, level 3 can listen to music on the computer, and level 2 can lead huddles... these are just a few examples.