Course Overview

This year, I am teaching English I and English II.  English I follows the NC course of study: 
English II:
In English one, we begin by exploring the literary elements and do a unit on short stories.  We learn about setting, characters, themes,  and plot by diving into these stories and doing literary analysis.  We do a unit on Romeo and Juliet, and complete the unit with some fine acting from the students.  We try and read two novels together as a class, usually Night is one and we vote on the second one.  The students have ample opportunity to express themselves because we follow a balanced literacy model where the students write every day!  
English two is more writing focused.  They will write a cause effect essay, personal narrative, and an essay of their choice.  We explore the literature from around the world in English two, beginning with Ancient Rome.  We will complete a poetry unit, and a unit on non fiction where the students complete a front page of a newspaper for their final.