PBIS Acknowledgement Form

CHS Behavior Management Procedures


Acknowledgements and Verification

By signing this page, you are acknowledging and verifying that you have received, and take the responsibility to review with your child, the documents referenced below which can be found in this packet, including, without limitation, the District’s policy, school bus privileges, PBIS expectations


Discipline Procedures – Discipline Expectations and Consequences

As a parent in the Buncombe County School District, you have the right to a quality education for your children. To make sure that every student enjoys that right, Community High School has established procedures regarding disruptive behavior. The procedures for student responsibilities are designed to create an orderly environment that is safe for all students and staff. The rules are reasonable and fair, and they are the same at each school. We ask that you carefully read the infractions and consequences. The Buncombe County School District has severe consequences for drugs, weapons or threatening behavior. Any such act may result in a recommendation for long-term suspension or expulsion. Some infractions may result in a referral to a local law enforcement agency, in addition to school consequences, such as suspension or expulsion.



This form must be returned to each child’s school within 10 days.

Parent Name (printed): __________________________________________

Student Name (printed): _________________________________________

High School Student ID Number: __________________________________ Grade: ___________

Homeroom Teacher: _____________________________________________________________

Parent Signature: ________________________________________________ Date: __________

Student Signature: _______________________________________________ Date: __________