PARI Experiential Trip

PARI Experiential Trip
Posted on 12/03/2021

On Sep 16th students from Mrs. Moore’s and Mr. Goodfellow’s classes explored Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute (PARI) where students learned about spectroscopy and the geology of space. Students were blown away by how large PARI’s 50m radio telescope is, and how scientists and student interns there use it to view into space.  

PARI staff walked students through just how light works and what actually is light, like x-rays and radio waves. Students also learned how scientists capture these different forms of light and the images that can be created with them. They also participated in fun demonstrations using an assortment of tools to help illustrate these ideas. After learning about light, students explored PARI’s Museum where they could interact with real satellites, rocket engines, and a vast collection of minerals, crystals, and meteorites. A highlight was the iron meteorite that students were allowed to try to lift weighing in at 160lbs. Another highlight for students was seeing meteorites that glow in ultraviolet light.

Students loved this experience of leaving the classroom to enter into a real life research center that studies space. Some even called it the “best day ever!”