CHS Students See Hamilton in Charlotte

CHS Students See Hamilton in Charlotte
Posted on 11/07/2018
CHS Students Thoroughly Enjoy Field Trip to See Hamilton in Charlotte

On Thursday Nov 1st, nine Community High students and three chaperones joined more than 2,000 students and teachers from 22 Title 1 high schools across North Carolina in attending a matinee performance of Hamilton the Broadway musical at Belk Theater in Charlotte. Students in Ms Brawley's classes have spent several weeks learning about early American history through a special integrated curriculum about Alexander Hamilton and the nation's Founding Fathers that mixed primary sources and Hamilton songs to illustrate the events in late 1700s. These lessons culminated in each student creating their own performance piece inspired by the events covered by Hamilton. Jak Kickliter was selected to performance his original piece, "Hamilton's thoughts on Death," in front of all the students and teachers at the Hamilton Education Program, along with 14 other performances before the matinee show. Tristan Pounds described Jak's performance as "amazing and phenomenal."  Here's a video showing part of Jak's presentation.

CHS students and staff at the theater entrance
One of the actors during the show
CHS Staff and students ready for the show to begin
The stage and set of Hamilton
Jak Kickliter performed his original piece, Hamilton's Thoughts On Death, to the entire audience.
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