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Monday, 1/26/15 - Student To Do 
(Sorry folks that I'm out sick today, but you are in good hands.  I expect you all to work hard to get these tasks done.  You can always ask a classmate if you need help and or email me at  I'm going to try to check in periodically.  Thanks.)
New Outcomes:

15a. Prewrite SEP:Generate and refine a topic for a formal research paper (W.12.5)

7. Employ a variety of reading strategies to deeply comprehend grade level text.(RL.12.10, RI.12.10, L.12.4, L.12.5)

18. Demonstrates growth in reading informational text through Achieve 3000. 


Goals today:
Aims: I can…

___ narrow down a topic, possible product and expert for my SEP.

___ score 75% or higher on an Achieve activity
___ Assess my level of knowledge with greek and latin roots (Quizlet)
Task 1: Achieve Article “The Power of the Pen” (if you are new to Achieve please see the sub for your login information and you will have to complete a levelset placement - really important to do your best - about 30 questions).
1. go to and login.
2. go to your mailbox and click on the article I sent you "The Power of the Pen".
3. Read my email to you.
4. Do prereading poll.
5. read the text with the following purpose:

Purpose: How did Clay use political cartoons to voice his opinion?

6. Complete the  Activity - 75% or higher (test taking strategy: read ALL answer choices and find evidence in the text - go back to the text)
7 Write a summary of the text as a pre-assessment on summarizing skills  (please send this to me as a reply to the original Achieve email).
Task 2:  Quizlet  - Greek and Latin Roots pretest.
1. Go to the following site to join my class: 
my class: Mrs. Battle's English IV Class, Swannanoa, NC (Buncombe Community School East)
2.  Go to the test tab and adjust the settings as follows:
  "Question type" - written
  "question limit" - change it to 99/99
  "create new test"
3. Take test, answer those that you know and try on others.  If you have no idea, leave it blank.
4. When done, click "check answers" at the bottom of the page and check out how you did (it's a pretest, don't freak).
5. Go to "print test", BUT DON'T PRINT it as a PDF on your desktop.
6. You can now email it to me as an attachment or if you are a loss with that, we'll check it out on Tuesday.
(if all else fails, here is a copy of the quiz you can print, but it will use lots of paper).Greek and Latin Roots Pre Test 
Task 3:  Senior Project Proposal Application
1. Download this document as a Word Document: Proposal Plan Sheet - Student   See an example here: Sample Proposal Letter
2. Complete each part to the best of your ability.  Remember you can look at the Graduation Project tab on my website for ideas too.
3. Save your completed proposal as a word document and I would like you to email it to me at
***If you need help, ask a classmate who is good at including attachments to emails.
Exit Ticket: Please complete the following questions via email to me:

Post   : Exit Ticket

  1. 1. What is one thing you accomplished today?

  2. 2. What is one goal you have for tomorrow?

  3. 3. What support do you need in completing that goal?

 If you are DONE WITH EVERYTHING you can do the following:
1. practice the greek and latin roots by playing a game in quizlet.
2. do another Achieve article - find a topic related to your senior project ideas.
3. find some resources about freedom of the press (we will be looking at this later this week) - you might look for the history of freedom of the press in the U.S.
Thank you.