PE Bowling Field Trip

PBIS Bowling Field Trip
Posted on 04/11/2019
On April 10th, 39 students from Coach Cross' PE classes took a field trip to Tar Heels Bowling in Hendersonville to check out their bowling skills. Everyone bowled a few games, played a little pool and had lunch before heading off to a game of 4 square and kickball at Jackson Park. According to Senior Gage Frasure, "We all had a lot of fun," semi-facetiously adding, "I wish I could go on the trip again next year, but I can't... BECAUSE I'M GRADUATING!".
Olivia starts her approach, Isaiah coaches Tori with her shot in the next lane, and Tyler heads back to his ball for his second shot
Dawson playing like a pro
Hannah sends her shot while Anna watches hers, hoping for the best.
Aaron in pre-shot conversation with an opponent
Dakota trying to pick up a spare
Staff and Students enjoying the games
Dev releases... a...strike???
Kennedy and Banyan sharing a laugh