Graduation/Exit Standards

High School Graduation/Exit Standards

Students entering the ninth grade for the first time in 2006-07 and beyond will be required to meet new exit standards. The exit standards will only apply to students following the Career Preparation, College Technical Preparation, or College University Preparation courses of study. These students will be required to perform at Achievement Level III (with one standard error of measurement) or above on five end-of-course (EOC) assessments and successfully complete a graduation project. The five required EOC assessments are Algebra I, Biology, English I, Civics & Economics, and U.S. History. The senior project is a performance-based component that can include service-based learning or work-based learning experiences. The graduation project will be developed, monitored, and scored locally using state adopted rubrics.

Students following the Occupational Course of Study are required to meet rigorous exit standards as outlined in State Board of Education policy HSP-N-004 (16 NCAC 6D.0503)