Course of Study

NC Standard Course of Study

"North Carolina established a Standard Course of Study in 1898 as an attempt at determining competencies for each grade level and each high school course, with a rigorous set of academic standards that is uniform across the state. Based on a philosophy of teaching and learning that is consistent with current research, exemplary practices, and national standards, North Carolina educators seek to provide the most appropriate education possible for the diverse learners in the public schools of the state in order to prepare all students to become successful, contributing members of a 21 st century society and global economy.

The Standard Course of Study includes the curriculum that should be made available to every child in North Carolina's public schools. Many public schools in the state presently offer an even more comprehensive curriculum. Therefore, in some curriculum areas, electives were also included. The Standard Course of Study is part of the Department of Public Education's continual improvement efforts. The curriculum will be revised on a regular basis to remain consistent with the changing needs of our nation, state, and local communities."

- information taken from the Department of Public Instruction (DPI), 4/6/2009