Course Overview
Our Biology course is divided into twelve different outcomes, each of which is divided into 3-8 learning targets.  Below is a list of all outcomes, in chronological order.
Outcome 1: Scientific Method
Implement and evaluate use of the Scientific Method and show basic lab skills 
Outcome 2: Cells
 Recognize all main cell components and differentiate between different types of cells
Outcome 3: Cycles
 Describe how water and nutrients cycle through our environment and predict how human activities will affect those cycles
Outcome 4: Energy Flow
Predict the effect of changes on a food web and calculate how much life can be sustained at each level.
Outcome 5: Populations
 Evaluate the factors that affect population in terms of growth rate and carrying capacity
Outcome 6: Animal and Their Environments
 Understand the connections between animals and their environments
Outcome 7: Human Impact
Describe how humans and our environment affect one another
Outcome 8: DNA
 Describe the structure of DNA and the entire path from DNA to protein
Outcome 9: Mitosis and Meiosis
 Compare mitosis and meiosis and know the steps and purpose of each
Outcome 10: Genetics
Use Punnett Squares and pedigree charts to determine offspring ratios and genotypes
Outcome 11: Evolution
 Describe how adaptations arise and the evidence we have that is has happened in the past.
Outcome 12: Life History
 Order the main steps in the history of life on earth

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