BCATS Contract


*This is to be completed by Base School Administrator and Student prior to BCATS admission*


I, _________________, from _____________________ High School choose to attend the BCATS

    Student Name                                                                School Name

Program at Community High School rather than be placed on a short-term/extended suspension.


1. I will attend, participate, and cooperate in ______ days of the program, as assigned to me by the principal or his/her designee of my base school, beginning ___/___/___ and ending ___/___/___.  The program will be held at Community High School during regular school hours.


2. I understand the failure or refusal to participate and/or engaging in inappropriate behaviors may result in my termination from the program, and the out-of-school suspension will go into effect.


3. I understand and agree to abide by Buncombe County School rules and codes of conduct as well as any rules and guidelines of the BCATS Program.  I understand that problem behavior, poor attitude, refusal to participate, etc. will result in ejection from the BCATS Program, again resulting in out-of-school suspension.


4. I understand that I will work to keep up with academic requirements from my base school. 


5. I understand that it is my responsibility to attend the required amount of days in the BCATS Program.  I understand that any missed days will count as OSS Absences.


6. I understand that as part of the BCATS Program, I will be participating in an intake interview, an exit interview, and I will be actively involved in developing a personalized behavioral contract and transition plan to help me be successful upon my return to my base school.




GRADE: _________   DATE: ____/____/____   TYPE OF OFFENSE:___________________


STUDENT ID #: ___________________           GENDER/ETHNICITY: ________________


BASE SCHOOL: __________________ STUDENT HOME PHONE: ______________________







By signing this contract, I agree to attend Buncombe County Alternative to Suspension Program at CommunityHigh School and I agree to abide by the terms stated in this contact.  I understand that refusal to sign this contract will result in my forfeiture of the BCATS option and I will complete the assigned Out-of-School Suspension. 



_________________________                            _________________________

Student Signature                                       date                                                                Witness                                                          date






I/We, ____________________________, choose to have my/our child, _____________________

            Parent/Guardian Name(s)                                                                                                                             Student Name

attend the Buncombe County Alternative to Suspension (BCATS) Program under the conditions set forth in this contract.  I/We understand that problem or disruptive behavior will result in my/our child’s termination from the program and that he/she will be required to fulfill out-of-school suspension (OSS) requirements.  I/We understand that any absences from the BCATS Program will be counted as OSS absences.  I understand and agree to the program content at BCATS that includes academic maintenance, identification of behavioral antecedents and triggers, assumption of responsibility for behaviors, long-term effects of continued misbehavior, behavioral contracting, anger management, impulse control, and development of student-centered transition plans and contracts.


_________________________ will attend BCATS from ___/___/___ to ___/___/___.

                        Student Name


I understand that this Parent Contract confirms the agreement I made with ________________

                                                                                                                  School Administrator Name

prior to my child’s admission to the BCATS Program on ____/____/____.

                                                                                   Date of verbal agreement



________________________________                            ________________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature                        Date                                     Parent/Guardian Signature                    


____________________________________________                                                         ____________________________________________
Printed Name                                                                       

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